Montag, 04 Mär 2024
WIPO Internationale Patent Klassifikation

Die folgenden Klassen wurden zur Analyse der Anmeldungszahlen für enzymatische und mikrobielle Testsystem und Sensoren verwendet, die einen wichtigen Teil im IVD-Bereich bilden.

Internationale Klassifikation G01N


(separating components of materials in general B01D, B01J, B03, B07; apparatus fully provided for in a single other subclass, see the relevant subclass, e.g. B01L; measuring or testing processes other than immunoassay, involving enzymes or micro-organisms C12M, C12Q; investigation of foundation soil in situE02D 1/00; monitoring or diagnostic devices for exhaust-gas treatment apparatus F01N 11/00; sensing humidity changes for compensating measurements of other variables or for compensating readings of instruments for variations in humidity, seeG01D or the relevant subclass for the variable measured; testing or determining the properties of structures G01M; measuring or investigating electric or magnetic properties of materials G01R; systems in general for determining distance, velocity or presence by use of propagation effects, e.g. Doppler effect, propagation time, of reflected or reradiated radio waves, analogous arrangements using other waves G01S; determining sensitivity, graininess, or density of photographic materials G03C 5/02; testing component parts of nuclear reactors G21C 17/00)

Internationale Klassifikation C12Q1

Measuring or testing processes involving enzymes or micro-organisms (measuring or testing apparatus with condition measuring or sensing means, e.g. colony counters, C12M 1/34); Compositions therefor; Processes of preparing such compositions [3]

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